Jane Willan is pastor at the Congregational Church of Grafton in Grafton, MA.


My blog is called “Eat, Pray, Love. That means that on Monday I will blog on “Eat”(or all things related to health and stewardship of one’s body and world). Wednesdays are “Pray” (or all things spiritual and religious). Fridays are “Love” (or all things to do with relationships especially with those who define their life as a life of faith).

The overall theme of my Eat, Pray, Love blog is the Church—Zion UCC, the United Church of Christ, and Church with a capital “C”. Thanks for reading!

Favorite Thing to Do Outdoors: hike at Geode State Park with Don (husband) and Maggie and Moses (dogs)

Favorite thing to do indoors: Read! I love fiction– Barbara Kingsolver, Robert Parker, Nevada Barr, Jane Austen, John Irving to name a few favorite authors

Charity of Choice: Our Churches Wider Mission, UCC

Early Career Goals: cowboy (yes, I said “boy”), detective, any job where I could punch a time clock. My Dad worked in a factory and when my mother picked him up at the end of the day, he would place his time card in the clock and I would get to “punch” it. I was 4 years old. Later in life I found punching a time clock much less exciting.

First paying job: mowing the neighbors lawn every Saturday. They paid me $5 and I got one break during which I could go to the back door and ask for a glass of water. After 6 Saturdays of mowing and drinking their water, they told me they had really wanted a boy for the job and they had one now so I could stop. And so I did.



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